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Flying without being a member of a club or without permission is an criminal offence for models over 250 grams without the correct accreditation.


Models above 250 grams must be registered with the CAA where once you pass the online exams you'll be issued with a registered ID, which is placed on your model, this can also be done through the British Model Flying Association which is our recommendation. It is highly recommended to take out Model flying Insurance from the British Model Flying Association if you intend to fly in public spaces in case you hurt someone, hurt a pet or property damage, else you may be liable for damages, court fees along with a criminal offence, fine or even imprisonment.

To ALL Members of public that are in the Slough, Berkshire area looking to buy a model, or you currently own one, please NOTE that information given from a Local Rc Model shop may be incorrect to where you can fly. Unfortuantly members of public have been misinformed that you can fly in certain parks within Slough freely. This information is incorrect as you must be a member of a flying club or have Land owner permission.

We recommend that Local Rc Retail stores selling flying models should take some form of responsibility to guide buyers correctly of the law and use of Models in open space responsibly for the safety of the hobbyist, and members of the public. Safety and good knowledge is our upmost priority at our club. 

If you need any help or guidance please feel free to contact us via the online form where the Chairman will get in touch as soon as possible.

Thankyou & wishing you all a better 2021.



After November 30th 2019 you could be operating unlawfully if you do not have either a CAA Flyer ID, or hold a BMFA Basic Proficiency Certificate, A or B Certificate, or have passed the test at the link below.


Pass the BMFA Registration Competency Certificate

CLICK HERE and get Legal


Welcome to our new website for Slough Model Flying Club! Our website is currently being updated on a weekly basis bringing informative knowledge on flying model aircraft, rules & regulation, training and all aspects for model flying for our members.

Slough Model Flying Club is a BMFA affiliated club and has been around since the late 1970's and still has some of its original members bringing wealth of knowledge to the club including a BMFA Lead examiner to help towards the BMFA achievement scheme. The club provides a safe enjoyable environment to fly in keeping all aspects of safety & within the fast changing rules for model flying in the UK.


Slough Model Flying Club is predominantly a model Fixed Wing club with limited number of helicopter members due to the safety related aspects of large model helicopters flying on our flying site.

Currently due to recent events Drones below 250 grams with no FPV (First Person View) are allowed to fly ONLY at our club, other drones are NOT ALLOWED. Our rules & policys are in accordance with the Air Navigation Order UK Law laid out by the Civil Aviation Authority CAA.

Weather your new to the hobby, need some advice, an experienced flyer or interested in knowing more please feel free to contact us via the online contact below where one of our committee members will get back in touch with you for a chat.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Please fill in the below form to contact us where one of our committee members will get in touch shortly to have a chat about what you would like to know and how we can help with all aspects of model flying.

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